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Web Master

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Real Estate Website

Listing Manager


Weekly News

Monthly Newsletter

Listing Courier

Greeting Cards

Internal Messaging

Real Estate Market Analysis

Property Insight

Property Visitors Insight

Business Master

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All Web Master Features

Event Calendar

SmartIDX® Accounting

Financial Analysis

Event Reminder

Transaction Manager

Email Automation

Task Manager

Instant CMA

Landing Page Builder

Mini Sold Stats

Lead Master

$ 100 99 Monthly

All Business Master Features

Lead Nurturing Automation

Automated Listing Alerts

Automated Seller/Buyer Tips

Automated Market Updates

Lead Activity Monitoring

Lead Profiling

Lead Action Log

Follow Up Reminders

Sold Listings

Sold Search On Website


$ 120 99 Monthly

All Lead Master Features

Custom Brokerage Website

Agent Roster

Round Robin Leads

Lead Assignment

Dedicated Brokerage Hub

Brokerage Calendars

Exclusive Newsletters

Agents Profile Page

Agent Website

Agent Business Suite

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**Some features are only available to real estate professionals who have a valid executed VOW Data Feed Agreement. As an Affiliated VOW Partner (AVP) and to comply with the designated VOW Data Feed Agreement and MLS® Rules and Policies, access to the VOW Data Feed without an approved Data Feed Agreement is prohibited. You must maintain an active validly authorized VOW Data Feed Agreement to have access to the SmartIDX at all times.

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